wine fridge Singapore

Why to prefer wine fridge to store?

If you have bought wine and need to store the bottle for time period, where can you put it? If you think that you can store in normal fridge, it is not preferable actually. It needs lot of cooling temperature and the fridge storing should come in last resort option. If you want to keep wine at certain temperature, you need to put it in a quality wine fridge Singapore. It will be the better choice every time over regular refrigerators. Here are few things that are considered to be the important factor for choosing wine storage.

  • Calibrate to perfect wine temperature and humidity level
  • Good for long term storage
  • It does not give bad odor
  • The fridge is specifically designed for wine alone
  • It does not vibrate due to thermoelectric or compressor technology

wine fridge Singapore

Features to consider while choosing wine fridge

  • Bottle count – Number of bottle storing capacity should be decided to buy a fridge of particular size. The fridge capacity is calculated based on number of bottles that the space can store.
  • Interior – Interior of fridge can be available in aluminum or plastic based on the price and user choice. Mostly to keep things in temperature, aluminum is the better choice.
  • Shelving – To store bottles, fridge design uses different shelves and some of them are designed with lots of things like wood racks, wire grids and so on. Mostly prefer the shelves that roll out.
  • Door – Doors are designed with either glass or present as solid door. Glass doors should be insulated with UV protection which will restore the cooling and solid doors are the preferable choice.