Freshwater Crayfish Care – Tank Mates

Freshwater crayfish are interesting creatures and also keeping them as animals can be a truly fun leisure activity. Nonetheless, if you intend on getting some container mates for your animal crayfish, there are a couple of points you need to take into consideration.

If you are going to obtain your crayfish a couple of tank mates, you will certainly require at the very least a 10 gallon fish tank. Anything smaller would not work. A tank smaller than 10 gallons is simply as well tiny for a crayfish. Likewise a storage tank smaller than 10 gallons will certainly not be reliable for filtering out contaminants created by the fish and the crayfish in the container. And also, for a crayfish, living in an aquarium that is smaller sized than 10 gallons would certainly resemble you residing in your wardrobe. – Not trendy. So it goes without saying that the dimension of your crayfish’s fish tank is an essential part of freshwater crayfish are.

When discovering the right tank companions for your crayfish, you will certainly require thinking about a few things. Mostly the fact that crayfish love to eat fish. – But that does not indicate every fish you take into the storage tank will certainly come to be crayfish supper. If you choose the appropriate fish, they must do simply great in the storage tank with your crayfish. The right container friends will be fish that swim near the top of the storage tank and/or are rapid swimmers. Fish that swim on the bottom of the tank or swim slow-moving are at a much higher danger of being caught and consumed by a crayfish. Some examples of great freshwater crayfish storage tank mates are hatchet fish, danios, red tail sharks and also tiger barbs. I have all of these fish in my storage tank and also I have zero problems.

As for putting various other crayfish into your tank, this can be doubtful. Crayfish are very territorial and also cannibalistic. They have absolutely not a problem eating their sibling. If you have a 10 gallon storage tank, I suggest you to place one more crayfish right into your container if whatsoever. Directly I assume one crayfish is optimal for a 10 gallon container. I have currently experienced the entire experience of having two red swamp crayfish for sale in my container. It was great initially, yet ultimately among the crayfish ate the various others. It was kind of hideous.