advanced features that guarantee anonymity is a top choice of many people because this bitcoin mixer has a number of advanced features that guarantee 100% anonymous cryptocurrency transactions. Protect your coins, wallet addresses, and other personal data from third parties with its help.

100% anonymous bitcoin transactions

Why users opt for It’s a top bitcoin mixer that guarantees complete privacy, 100% anonymity, and data security of all cryptocurrency transactions, thanks to a range of its unique and advanced features.

How BestMixer facilitates anonymity

This efficient and reliable bitcoin mixing platform ensures minimal costs and floating rates to all users while facilitating anonymous transactions. Although there are many other similar services in the market, they fail to provide the same level of privacy and safety to members. has no security vulnerabilities and it keeps developing and adapting network innovations.


A list of distinctive features

  • A great service to mix not only bitcoins but also other new and leading cryptocurrencies;
  • Protecting transaction anonymity is its top priority;
  • A Tor-friendly website with an easy-to-use interface;
  • Your history of bitcoin transactions will be automatically removed within 24 hours;
  • The advanced algorithm of mixing your coins with the coins of other users in three secure pools with large reserves and separate sources;
  • Breaking a connection between your old and new wallet addresses to make all transactions 100% anonymous.